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      Last week my best friend of nearly 30 years sent me a text with the words “I have cancer”. That was Sunday… Friday morning I received a call from her ex husband to let me know she’s in ICU and it’s terminal. I raced to find a flight and it would have taken me 7 hours to get there when I could make the drive in 8.5 so I drove up over the weekend and solemnly made the return trip home with every intention of returning later this week.

      Hearing her doctor tell me what I already knew was a pain I have never felt before. I am devastated. I have responsibilities at work and I won’t be able to return until later this week.

      It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and my kids have watched me descend into this wave of emotions. I am still dealing the loss of another dear friend who passed suddenly the week before and now this. I don’t know what to share with my kids. They see me wiping tears throughout the day. “Mommy are you okay” often results in more tears. I come home from work and retreat immediately to my room where I can cry in peace as I come to terms with the inevitable.

      My kids are old enough to know but I am uncertain as to how to tell them or how much to share. They know her as their aunt. They know something is wrong. Did you share with your kids? Any tips for sharing with kids are appreciated.

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      how sad

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      Tomi, first off I am so sorry to hear that your friend is going through this. My thoughts are with her and you as well. My father passed away last year and it was a really tough time for me. I have two girls and they actually attended the funeral with me. Before we went I explained to them that their grandpa had passed away. They are younger and so they didn’t really understand what I was saying, but my oldest who is now 7 knew that we wouldn’t see him again. I let them know that he was no longer suffering from pain and that he was in a better place. They did see me cry a lot, but I was okay with that. We all have emotions and it’s really okay to let it show. I even blogged about my experience and maybe this post can help you through this difficult time :

      Again, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with such sad news.

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      I have terminal cancer. I don’t know how anyone deals with watching someone you love die from this horrendous disease! How much to tell a kid?? Well it also depends on how old They are. Mine all know based on how old They are. The oldest 2 know exactly but they are adults and out on their own now, but my babies?? Nowhere near what the oldest ones know. My prayers are with everyone having to watch a loved one endure this. I don’t know how my family is doing it………….

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      First let me say how very sorry I am both for you and your friend! Your kids are smarter than you know! Being honest with them will help them understand and grow to be apathetic and sympathetic, healthy adults!! The best of luck!

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      Sorry to heAr this. Prayers

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