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      Trying to find ways to deal with your friend dating your ex isn’t always easy. So, i want to know your opinion.

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      it seems to me that this is normal. Of course, you will feel some inconvenience. But you need to let go of the person who was once dear to you and live on. He has the right to happiness.

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      I’ve always had the rule never date a family’s x or a friends x . That’s just calling for trouble

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        B J

        This sounds like good rules!

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      I don’t think it is right but u can’t really make someone do anything, that’s their right and choice. It must be heart breaking. I personally wouldn’t do that at all. Just try to think positive and look at it as they’re not the right person for you.

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      There should be girl code not to date each others exes.

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      My best friend is a guy, so I don’t have this problem–LOL…

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      I, personally, don’t think so. Or it could be that I don’t have an ex that I’d ever want to be friends with.

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      I don’t think that’s a good idea. A true friend wouldn’t date your ex.

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      I guess it happens, but it doesn’t mean you have to love it.

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      no its too weird

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      I would rather him date my best friend than my sister…..speaking from experience. I had been dating him for 5 years on and off due to his cheating. I was young and dumb and kept taking him back when i became pregnant in the 5th year of our relationship i finally decided that us being apart was better for my child due to our fighting over his unfaithfulness. Shortly after my son was born he was moved in with my sister and sleeping with her while her boyfriend was at work. He has since not been apart of his child’s life and my now husband who I’ve been with since my son was 3 months old has taken on the responibility of raising another man’s child as his own. My husband is a MUCH better role model than his sperm donor ever would have been.

      My advice here is don’t let it get to you just keep her at a distance and don’t let them stress you out. He’s your ex for a reason and the right one will come along when you least expect it.

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      If they were truly a friend I feel that they wouldn’t cross that line.

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      I wouldn’t do that to my bestfriend, so I’d expect the same. In my opinion that’s not a true friend.

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      Somethings should never be shared.

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      first of all, if we care about our friends we will support them no matter what even if we do not always agree. it is too easy to pass judgement on others, when we have our own problems. when we support our friends, they support us.

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      It all depends on what terms we are, if the separation was friendly there are no reasons to be enemies.!

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