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    Hi all,
    What are your favorite out-of-the-box ways to be frugal? I started a blog on “how to live large on a basic budget” would anyone be interested in reading some interesting, and unique ways of saving money?

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    Yes. I am always up for learning new ways to save…

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    We eliminated TV in our house. It doesn’t seem out of the box for us but for my coworkers – you would think that I said that we cut our house in half or something!

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    We hardly ever eat at restaurants. My husband and I enjoy cooking at home. Eliminating restaurant and takeout has really made a difference in our budget.

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    Sure,I’d be interested in your blog. But I googled “how to live large…” and couldn’t find you.

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    use coupons

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    @maryburns did you look for it thoroughly?

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    use a tv antenna, use coupons and phone apps for rebates

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    I am always looking for ways to save I use coupons phone apps we never eat out unless it’s a long travel trip. I am always looking for free samples online.I’d love to hear more ideas.

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    I always browse clearance sections in the grocery store before I browse the regular aisles. You can find some pretty great deals at some store. I get a lot of my cereal bars, drinks, snacks, beauty products, etc. in the clearance section. I also try to sync up my coupons with sales while they’re going on. I also love discount stores like Marshall’s. I always get good deals there (they have a great clearance section as well) Essential oils can be very pricey, but Marshall’s has very fair prices on them.

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      that’s how I shop also (its the only way to make ends meet these days)!!!!!

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    Agree with cutting cable/dish and using an antenna.

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    I used to hardcore extreme coupon
    But now, with 3 kids {6,3,17 months old}
    I try to get in and out quickly from grocery shopping
    So now i use a TON of rebate apps
    I can post links below of different ones:
    Here’s ibotta (the most popular one)

    Here’s Fetch Rewards (you can gets lots of points of certain brands but also get points for taking a picture of the receipt)
    https://bit.ly/2HnQVuw (Code F0BHY)

    Here’s Makeena (link will get you $1 and this app is awesome for natural organic stuff)

    There’s also Checkout51, ReceiptHog, SavingStar

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    nice tips

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    Nice ideas.

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    using coupons and redeeming app rebates

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    These are all great tips…Im going to check out your blog!

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    We cut out cable…use a digital antenna. I look for coupons… both merchants and online coupons. I hit up sales whenever possible. We eat out on occasions but not too often. We can prepare a better meal at home. We watch movies at home mostly. The movie theater is unreal for a family of four. Even with matinees. There is always a way to save. We recycle at lot as well.

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    great tips

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    Reusing and repurposing things…not only frugal but eco friendly too

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      I agree Emily! I have 3 littles, they grow so quickly–I have come to learn it doesn’t benefit our family to pay full price for clothing! I am a clearance aisle hound AND I check our local second hand clothing shops for kids! I also resell as much as I can when they grow out of them.

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    I shop the sales, and use coupons, as well as shop at Aldi, which saves a ton of money. They also have a lot of organic options now.
    I regularly clean out my closet and use consignment websites to earn some money for the clothes I have that are in good condition.
    I’m always up for learning new tips!

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    These are some good tips!

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    Great tips!

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    B J

    A lot of good ideas! I also check out the clearance aisles.

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    We do lots of couponing and have a savings account at a separate bank than our everyday checking account

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    meal planning, utilizing free activities for our family, but the most effective is to become debt free with the Dave Ramsey debt snowball method.

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    The knowledge of saving is essential!

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