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    i love to do this and now that summer is over i am going to be lost without doing my faviore thing

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    there are some plants that are great for fall and winter

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    Fall is great for planting

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    Herb gardening maybe… easy, can be indoors, in small space, and adds a lot to cooking etc

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    At least in the fall I can plant my spring bulbs 🙂

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      Love planting my spring bulbs in the fall…I always add more tulips 7 daffodils, which I love!

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    Well, caring for plants during fall and winter will be different. You need to do some adjustments like looking after water and humidity needs.

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    We love to garden at my house, it is great for everyone in the house and we all enjoy it. We plant a spring and fall garden every year. We always have better success with our spring one, but were trying to learn and improve our fall one. There is many pages on facebook that you can join with so many great people.

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    I have so many house plants that keep me busy all year long. I also have succulents and herbs indoors.

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    I have herbs in pot on my balcony

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    I love to garden, even if it is just herbs on my kitchen ledge!

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    Our garden is planted. Can’t wait for the first crops

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    Very nice and fun.

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    Great sharing.

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    my grandkids and I love growing sunflowers and fruit;;

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    One of my favorite things to do.

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    I love gardening.

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