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    me and my son have allergies to dust and animlas and outside alleggies

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    I always feel bad for people with allergies. It must be miserable!

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    I found some great organic, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, chemical & toxin-free baby products that I LOVE. You should try them. The company is rather new, but amazing and very transparent on how their products are made. Plus all MADE OF products are made in the US>

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    Seconding this, we love all of the MADE OF products. I have several allergies- nuts, gluten, dairy, etc. and it’s great to use products that are allergen-free and organic!

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    that can be hard

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    that can be hard

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    i have sever allergies and my son is showing signs as well! we made an allergist appointment for the end of this month! praying we find something that works

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