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      My self I had a lot of belly fat after having my 2 kids.I got up and Drank Hot water and lemon every Day for 3 months.wow the belly went Down.I now Drink it rego Every Day.

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      good advice

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      Apple cider vinegar is great too.

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      interesting, may try this

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      love lemon water!

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      lifting weights

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      Lots of water!

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      I try drinking hot lemon water in the morning. I don’t do it as much as I probably should.

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      Wow I’m happy to hear that. Will give it a try.

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      going to have to try that, thanks

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      I will follow this for belly fat too .Is there any side effects of lemon acid?

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      I drink preboiled water with honey every day, for my asthma. Sometimes I add some lemon to it. No weight loss noticed, probably because of honey, but my asthma is under control and that makes me much happier.

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      Thanks for the tip!

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      Probiotics everyday helps cut down the belly fat, too!

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      thanks for the tip!

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