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      I love my baby to death, but I get jealous that my husband goes out every single Sunday with his guy friends and and I have yet to go out with my friends. (Baby is 9months old) I feel awful for feeling like I need a break from baby, but I do miss other interactions sometimes…

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      Needing a break from an infant is not only normal, but actually a great sign! New moms often find themselves learning a whole new identity and it’s important to have time to be you, whether that’s going out with friends, doing a hobby you enjoy or even just getting a little me time. Don’t let the jealous feeling become resentment, often partners are meeting their needs as well, so take the time (and have dad, or relative or sitter take baby) and embrace your needs. It will help you to be happier, healthier and more well-balanced as the little one grows!

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      Dad’s got it right. So why aren’t you doing this on another night?

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      I agree – you need your night out girl…..

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      Have you talked to your girlfriends and said hey let’s go get lunch or dinner on Friday? I mean make the plans to do something. It doesn’t have to be partying or whatever but heck a lunch date or going get nails done with a wine to drink. Adult laughs just something simple for 2-3 hours

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      Don’t feel guilty for needing a break. Call your friends and make a date.

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