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      i am so lucky my family doesnt have this and i feell bad for people that do

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      that’s great that they dont

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      It’s not all that bad actually! Seriously unique opportunities to experience and try new foods and brands! I love what I’ve found, it’s helped my body and my stomach so much. The only rough part is finding cheap brands that are actually certified GF, especially sucks when my favorite foods arent, but I’ve fought and found my way through it!. It’s like being in a fancy diet that’s unique just for me since I don’t know what my actual problems are! Doctors told me I don’t have any food allergies, but almost all my problems have been absent ever since I started going GF, and my stomach loves it! You don’t always have to rely on what multiple doctors say just because they’re certified and know everything and because they ALL tell you the same exact thing! Be true to yourself, be kind to your body, and try new things! It hasn’t hurt me a bit to go GF, IT’S TRULY TURNED MY LIFE AROUND! So grateful for doing my own research and following what my gut tells me!

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      That sounds very strange

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