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    Got a child that is allergic to gluten and caesin. We don’t want to go completely vegan but we need some more recipe ideas? We only found one book in the library about gluten free and caesin meals. She said food is boring. I don’t want her to get that idea at her age that food is boring.

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    There’s a book called Allergy Free Pantry. I bought it on amazon. There is also a lot of free information recipes on line. My daughter is allergic to eggs, dairy,wheat, pea protein.

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    I love using Pinterest to find lots of fun and yummy recipes that are gluten and casein free.

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    Good to know we have recently started eating gluten free, and having a hard time finding good recipes for kids.

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    I have a recipe collection here http://www.thefrugalistamom.com I have 4 kids with multiple food allergies and these are our go to meals.

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