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      So I totally thought that I had celiac disease because of how much my stomach hurts after eating gluten, but my medical tests came back negative for that condition. Is it possible to be “sensitive” or “intolerant” to gluten without having Celic disease?

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      My MIL went through something similar. Her testing also did not come back when anything. She basically just self diagnosised herself and she refrains from eating gluten, which has helped her with various issues.
      A friend of mine does not have celiac disease, but from allergy testing, she found she has issues with gluten (and a bunch of other foods) and does not struggle with bloating or other issues she use to have.
      If you feel better not eating it, why not just cut it out of your diet?

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        Can they test you for any gluten intolerances?

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      there is different workups.. blood work, some which insurance will not pay.. but if you really want to know, go to an allergist. not sure, if a GP will order it all. usually there are restrictions and then the insurance issue.. specialiast are the preferred.

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