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    My so died in November of this year and in December a girl said she had his son. I believe she wants his social security $. I am asking for a DNA to prove paternity. Is that wrong???

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    No that is not wrong, I feel it is the best choice in this situation

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    First, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I don’t think it’s wrong at all and depending on what state you live in there may be grandparents rights. If he is your sons you could have a relationship with your grandson if you want to.

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    If you are indeed the Grammy, the child needs all possible support

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    Not wrong at all you have that right

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    You are right to do that. Good luck!

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    Not wrong at all!

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    B J

    This is a good idea. So sorry for your loss. And if you do have a grandson, you can be in his life, if you chose to.

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