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      Hi…my 2 yr old has got high febrile seizure in the last year couple of times…it’s so nerve wracking to see such lil babies go thru this… wanted to know if other parents have encountered the same it seen in kids…any advice on avoid we can avoid or treat it when at home

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      haven’t heard of them/ try searching online

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      My son had those as well. Best advice is to keep monitoring the fever while they are sick and rotate from Tylenol to Motrin. It is scary but most children out grown them by the age of 5. My son did outgrow them thank goodness. Best of luck

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      My daughter went through this just before she turned 2 and a couple months later. So it happened twice. It was so scary but it hasn’t happened since. I would just do the best to prevent your little one from getting sick and if you do notice they are starting to get a fever start with tylenol right away to avoid it getting so high where the seizures start happening. Good luck Mama and hopefully your little one grows out of it as well!

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