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    I hate being allergic to fish. So many fast food places fry both their fries and fish in the same oil and dont warn people. I’ve almost died because of this. I was surprised they dont warn about this especially during lint.

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    that is scary

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    There are products with fish too (worcestershire sauce or caesar salad dressings), or Miso soup. Sheesh… I feel sorry for you

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    I’m allergic to Red Dye. I know how you feel. It sucks

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    be careful and make sure to read labels and check even if not on the labels

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    Wow, that’s pretty scary. If peanut allergies are so big that some schools ban children even bringing them to school, you’d think food places would definitely be more careful.

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    are you allergic to all fish – regular scale fish and shellfish?

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    Good information.

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    gud info

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    feel your pain my grandson is fructose intolerant. have to read all labels and people don’t get it why he cant have veggies and fruits, as most have fructose in them only a few are safe.

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    Oh, that is scary. People have so many different allergies. Food places should definitely have warnings. Glad you’re all right.

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    I love fish and can not imagine not being able to safely eat it……:(

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    This helpful.

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    always alert

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