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      Hey mamas,

      I’m a new mother of a 5mo boy and I have zero friends. I’m looking for friends in my area, but while I’m searching I would love some virtual support while making some big lifestyle changes related to health. Any mom who’s looking for a digital pen pal/texting buddy to help each other through challenges, make each other laugh and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, PLEASE PICK ME!!! Let’s be friends.

      Lots of love,

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      Hi Raschelle, you’ve come to the right place! I would encourage you to stay active in our forums, read and respond to other mom’s posts and get involved on our Facebook page. Also, our annual WOW Summit is a great place to meet new mom friends. Hope you can join us in Chicago. Visit here to learn more

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      You got this! Many of us have been there. Try taking them to the library. There are always parents with their kids at mine. Easy way to talk to someone.

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