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    I have applied to become a Mom’s Meet Blog Ambassador. I have been doing research and Tennessee does not have a Medicaid program. The topics I have ran across say that Tenncare is the state’s Medicaid program. Can someone suggest how to get my husband on there. He had been on STD since January OF 2016 and after it is used up, you are supposed to apply for LTD and SS, however because these policies do not want to, when you have paid for these policies for 20 years, they run you into a situation where you face loosing everything. The Marketplace Insurance premium is 432.00 because I am fighting with he IRS to get the Healthcare Credit which would knock it down to 140.00 a month. We are currently living on my SS of $1060.00 per month and on the Tennessee State Website it states that Tenncare is for people ages 62 or older or for the very poor. With a mortgage, utilities, and cutting expenses, we are fixing to loose everything. I have applied for Social Security for him, but how on earth are we going to make it with those premiums? Any ideas on how I can get him on Tenncare? I am trying to do the right thing. He has to have medical care. Would I be better off just taking him to the Emergency room once a month to maintain his healthcare? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I wish I had a good answer for you as I myself live in TN. Unfortunately it’s very hard to get tenncare for men. For some reason like you stated it’s all about low income families or over 62. Have you tried going to your local office to see if they can help or give you suggestions? I know there’s help out there for your bills like utilities. They don’t advertise it you have to dig to find them. Again your local DHS could probably provide the numbers to contact. Also I would check around for walk-in clinics or even some doctors have a cash payment for people without insurance. For instance my doctor only charges $50 for cash pay visits. It’s not alot of help but I hope something I suggested helps out. Also try doing Google searches for help with paying utilities in your area, even check with local churches. Hope you find the answers you so desperately need. I wish you the best of luck!

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    Do I qualify for Tenncare? I make $728 monthly and after they take for medicare/humana for prescriptions we only have $604 monthly to pay mortgage/car ins./and electricity. It is very hard to be an account on my income. My husband was let go a few days before his 20th anniversary at the company. I lost my BCBS insurance.

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    I don’t understand TennCare. Our friend lost his TennCare coverage when he turned 20. He is attending the local Community College and does not have an income since he is a student. I don’t understand TennCare’s qualifications.

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      I don’t understand this at all – In TN if you are not pregnant, have a child living with you under 18 or have breast cancer – you do not qualify for TNCARE. This is what I was told. CRAZY…..

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