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      I am trying to get my grandson to eat better more veggies any suggestions?

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      Have you tried letting him dip them in ranch dressing or hummus? I also add extra veggies to pasta sauce. I chop them very small so my kids won’t notice them.

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      My friend showed me a trick with her son. He wouldn’t eat green beans so she would put them in ziti. He started eating them.

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      I used to chop up the vegetables very small and add them to spaghetti sauce so my kids wouldn’t notice when they were younger. Now though I have to either use my immersion blender or just a regular blender to mix them in the spaghetti sauce. Also I mix veggies and fruits into smoothies!!!!

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      l let him to get a lot hungry than girst l try to give vegetable than his food. in my case , its sometimes works

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      I don’t have small children nor grandkids, but I often keep my brothers grandkids because he lives in another state. So I purchase the protein powder from Wal-Mart which comes in vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream. I make them smoothies and I put vegetables in them along with a fruit or two and they love them!!

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      either blend or sneak them into sauces or make them fun with flavors, colors, shapes. zucchini noodles or other veggie noodles.

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      nice idea..

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      When my kids were really young, I would tell them their greens were chopped up green beans and they believed me…They ate them…that’s all that mattered! LOL

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      It’s really hard to get kids to eat some veggies but once they taste them they find some they enjoy!

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      good hints

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      This is a great post!

      Manicured Lawns Are Killing Us Literally

      Enjoy 🙂

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      Try this:

      Picky Eater Success

      Enjoy 🙂

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      Great idea.

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      Great sharing.

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      So very nice!

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      Carrot sticks and celery sticks are good with ranch dressing.ann

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      Good hints.

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      heinz has veggie ketchup!

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      heinz has veggie ketchup!

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      Have fruit like apples and oranges and raisins onhand.ann

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      I may need to try the blending the veggies into meals for my husband. My children eat healthy thankfully.

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