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      What are your favorite go to healthy snacks for yourself and even for your kids? I’m trying to find new snacks and healthier snacks for myself and my child.

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      My son love hummus and snap peas

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      We Love This For Snack In Our Family, ThankYou For Sharing 🙂

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      We do this for breakfast but sometimes for snacks, we make cereal bars. We blend yogurt, bananas (sometimes strawberries) and then put them in ice cube trays or popsicle makers and freeze. My boys love it and I am happy they are getting fruit and yogurt

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        We love it to.

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        That sounds delicious AND easy to fix up. I’m definitely going to try this!

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      Really simple – and the healthiest- chunks of banana, apple slices, mango chunks, halved strawberries, and so on… and you’ll never forget the recipe!

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      veggies like carrots and celery. carrots with some sort of dip/sauce and the usual celery with peanut butter

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      Healthy snacks include banana dishes, home made wheat flour items etc

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      Chips and salsa or guacamole. My kids love hummus and veggies. I keep a fruit basket on the counter and they can grab whenever they want. Also I have yogurt on hand for them.

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      Guacamole, hummus with pretzels, celery with peanut butter, you can google recipes for healthy no bake cookies or protein balls my kids usually tolerate those

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      carrot sticks with hummus, tortilla chips with guacamole, apples dipped in peanut butter, whole grain toast topped with pb and banana slices, frozen grapes, ice cream made just from frozen bananas or any other frozen fruit. Look up recipes for this. It’s so good and a favorite with my kids. They think they’re eating ice cream! We also like plain greek yogurt with fresh fruit, granola, and almonds mixed in.

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      Our favorite here is fruit, we always have a variety on hand to just grab.

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      our favority snacks is fruits and granola bars

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      Snacks are the big part of your child’s diet, so it’s significant that most of the snacks you give him/her are ones you feel good about. These 10 healthy homemade snacks your kids will love to eat. These snack ideas are the perfect combination of some fiber (from whole grains, fruit or vegetables), some protein and some fat. It’s a combo that’s sure to satisfy and that will fuel your busy child.

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      B J

      I make home made apple sauce. We have the fresh apples in the fall, and apple sauce in the winter. They are so good and healthy for you.

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      B J

      We have apple trees, so love eating the fresh apples, and apple sauce in the winter. Great snacks.

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      My daughter loves deviled eggs made with avocado instead of mayo.. 🙂

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      Good suggestion.

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      Good suggestion.

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      My baby loves sweet corns

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      what are your favorite high protien low fat snacks?

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      Good sharing.

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      We will try these.

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      stick meat, stick cheese

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      Great sharing.

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      Fresh cut fruit and veggies are always available in my home. Cheese and hummus can be a real nice snack. Peanut Butter on apple slices…

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      Love this.

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      Hummus and veggies!

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      These sound amazing!

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      This is awesome.

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      low fat low carb high protein

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      Thanks for sharing.

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      This is perfect any time of day.

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      baby carrots low fat stick cheese

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      Celery with peanut butter or pretzels with hummus.

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      my kids and myself love cut up apples and almond butter

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      Apples with a bit of honey, oatmeal scones made with Greek yogurt & topped with avocado butter, carrot chips and hummus, cucumber & cheese sandwiches, seedless red grapes & blueberries, and dark chocolate almond milk shakes.

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      Apples AND oranges

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      I love learning about new healthy snacks. After joining this group I have learned about a lot of new things

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      Great for snack.

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      We always have fruits as our snacks or veggies. Blueberries and raspberry makes great snacks and we also use celery stalks with peanut butter.

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      Informative and interesting.

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      Peanut butter and banana on wheat toast

      cheese and crackers


      light cream cheese on wheat toast

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      We do a lot of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almonds, cashews, and a couple pieces of dark chocolate.
      For veggies, its cucumbers, carrots, celery with peanut butter, sliced sweet peppers.

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      We do peanut butter on bananas and chopped walnuts!

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      Trying to eat healthier and love new recipes for healthy snacks

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      Thank you

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      Classic ants on a log.

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      Try some vegies or fruits.
      That would be the best exit.

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      Healthy snacks are where its at!

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      I love cucumbers with water melons walnuts and blue cheese

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      fruit you cant go wrong with fresh fruit my kids love it

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      Honey crisp apples are the best!

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      Fresh fruit.

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      Love the ideas!

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      Larabars and air-popped popcorn! All whole food and healthy no matter what. 🙂

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      Love this healthy snack.

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      stick cheese, stick meat, carrots, pretzel

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      Frozen grapes
      PB + banana
      PB + Celery
      Cheese slices

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      Cucumbers (with hummus or ranch if your kid prefers), dried fruit, fresh fruit, blue corn tortilla chips, string cheese

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      I like to have carrot sticks, celery sticks and cucumber slices on hand with ranch dressing. Ann

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      fruits are always our healthy snacks

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      Great ideas.

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      Nice ideas.Thanks

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      I’m going to use some of these ideas!

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      Always looking for healthy alternatives!

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      Some great ideas. Thank you.

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      AM eat fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning

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      Strawberries, mangos, carrots,crackers and cheese

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      Am buy more snacks healthy

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      We love having a tray of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cheeses and crackers.

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      granola bars

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      appreciated these ideas/reminders

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      My kid is recently obsessed with yogurt and granola! I am pleasantly surprised and I am waiting for the day I can toss some fruit in. lol

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      Air fried banana slices! I’ve been thinly slicing them, spraying olive/avocado cooking spray, then frying them on 400 degrees for five minutes. Then let cool and toss them in sea salt, cayenne, cumin, and oregano for some healthy chips.

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      zucchini fritters a big hit in our house. I add in lots of extra veggies as well to give them a boost.

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      This is a great forum good info

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      We always have lots of fresh berries and veggies on hand. Both my children still love pouches from fruit and veggie to applesauce so we have lots available. Yogurt and cheese is always a go to also. We love guacamole and salsa with chips or veggies.

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      my son is hooked on peanutbutter and while grain toast right now. Plus he loves his fruits

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      My kids and I favorite snacks are fruits. We can eat all day 😃😃

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      My kids love hummus and fresh veggies! Nuts are also one of our fave snacks!

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      My kids love dried cranberries, cheese bits and salted cashews as a snack also pickles if you don’t have cranberries or crackers instead of cashews

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      fresh fruits and nuts for me

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      We love frozen grapes in our house! Its a nice refreshing, healthy treat!

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      Granola bars are quick and easy.ann

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      My son loves mozzarella and tomato bagels
      Once we tried it in a local cafe in New Yurk, after that I often cook for him myself 🙂

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      this is healthy food for family

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      Berries (we usually have 2 types at any time)
      Fruit (currently we have plums and watermelon)
      String cheese
      ammy Sammies or Nutri-Grain Bars (as “special treats”)
      Frozen berries, which I use to make “ice cream” with. Last night I made her some “berry ice cream” by blending up frozen berries, coconut cream (the stuff in the can, unsweetened), a tiny bit of honey, a drop of vanilla extract, and a tiny bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

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      there are some good ideas here – thanks everybody

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      Fruits is always good snacks.

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      Fruit is a healthy snacks

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      Banana Bites covered in peanut butter and nutella for a sweet treat
      Cut Fruit with PB or Almond Butter (if no allergies)
      Veggies with Ranch, Hummus, etc.
      PB & Jelly Sandwiches (Minis)
      Seaweed Snacks
      Raisin Bread Bites with grapes, cheese, veggies
      Hard Boiled Eggs

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      It’s so hard to keep my kids liking the same thing and with allergies it’s even harder to find snacks they love. Any recommendations?

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      anything but sugar

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      Great ideas

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      Love the ideas.

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      Our favorite snack is fruits.

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      Granola bars and raisins are a nice snack.ann

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      protein snack

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      Appreciated these ideas.

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      Fruits and granola bars!

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      I agree.

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      My kids love fruit.

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      I found so much useful for me, thank you for this question! I try to pick up products without any extra sugar. My sons love fruits, granola, and nuts. The older one is allergic to bananas and mandarins, so I have to be careful. 

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      Thank you for sharing.

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      We have been crushing different bite size cheeses,seeds and nuts. Instead of other snacks enjoying all the different varieties. Making it a priority and in reach over the other snack items

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      this was a nice link… thank you

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      Who knew that this would be a big hit with a few of the kids and adults. Washing and cutting the asparagus brush with melted butter or margarine or vegan butter or cooking spray any flavor. Putting the asparagus in the air fryer making sure that the spray or butter & seasonings is evenly coated. Cook till the tops are crunchy but not burned. Or wrapping the asparagus with bacon. Not sure about the vegan bacon

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      Try Cheese, Onion sandwich with eggs or avocado.

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      Good ideas

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      I started buying frozen fruits but they sometimes get mushy when you defrost them. I started buying the berries in the large containers at the grocery store because buying individual packages even the buy 1 get 1 free the end total is higher then just buying the big container with the berry mix and they can be put in the freezer for smoothies etc. You get a better deal by buying other fruits and cutting them up put in ziploc for future use. Try different fruits that you wouldn’t normally buy and do a little taste test only buy one or 2

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      I love it too.

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      persimmons, avocado, golden kiwi, mangoes and dragonfruit.

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      there are some great ideas on this thread

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      Hummus and pretzels or peppers

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      fruit and veggies, nuts and popcorn and I love chees sticks

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      always fruit

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      I love celery , raisins & peanut butter

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      Love snap peas

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      Flavored Yogurt with granola

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      Us too! I love trying new fruits and vegtables

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      Fresh fruit, crackers like Ritz and veggie sticks are my kids favorites

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      like this post because sometimes my mind just needs some reminders

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      My kids and I love small carrots.

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      sound amazing

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      I eat Nature Valley’s bars, sandwich with sunflower butter(healthy alternative to peanut butter) and get some bananas and toast.

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      We love it too.

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      Such a great product!!

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      I like to mix a box of chocolate cake with a can of pumpkin, and bake into cupcakes for my kids. They are dense and delicious and my kids can’t detect there is pumpkin in there. This is a classic WEight Watchers recipe, but I just like it in general. The cupcakes are so dense that you dont need frosting. i do toss in an extra handful of sugar free chocolate chips for them.

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      Love these healthy snacks.

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      Trying to eat healthier.

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      Peanut butter and other nuts

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      I like the ease of buying pre made fruit platters.

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      I found a lot of useful information. Thank you.

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      I always have strawberries in the fridge for my little one. And yogurt!

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      my kids love Crackers and peanut butter and jelly, and cottage cheese.

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      Really good.

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