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    are there any moms on here from Oklahoma? Where?? I am from OKC, come say hi.

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    Hello! I am 3 hours away from OKC!! Nice to meet you!

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    Hey Jenny, that’s quite a way away. I’m guessing you either live in the panhandle or out east up around tulsa??? I was born, have lived and still visit the Tulsa area. I wish there were more people from Oklahoma that would get involved, it’s so hard to have these sample parties if you don’t really know or talk to many people. Anyway, I won’t bore you. How many, if any, children do you have? We have 2 stepsons that we never get to see; one fur daughter and one fur son. 🙂 I am a full time in home caregiver to my disabled veteran hubby (high school crush), and most people call me Gina. Nice to meet you also.

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    Hey Gina I’m in Lawton. I have 3 kids and and Married to an Union Electrician (ibew Tramp). I generally 30 or more ppl show up to my parties seriously thinking about creating a vlog to share all of our fun. What do you do for yourself? Self care is a must for any caregiver, are you apart of any support groups. To help keep your sanity.
    I started my group through a group of Facebook friends that have come together and brought more friends into the group we never know exactly who is going to come to a parties, when I apply but we on average have 30 ppl show up we do a potluck everyone brings a little and we hang out and learn about new products and how each others lives are going.

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