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    any place to workout with your baby in Gilbertsville Pa I need to workout but cant afford leaving my baby with anyone

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    Surf on youtube you’ll get too many awesome fun-filled workouts which can do with your baby at home.

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    I swear by exercising with my toddler, even when he was a baby. Who needs free weights when you have a 20 pound medicine ball at home that will giggle and talk sweetly to you while you lift them? I agree with Linda, check youtube for workouts at home and print some off so you don’t have to go online everytime you want to work out. Just look at the fridge or the wall (wherever the workout is attached).

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    yes to the above…but what kind of workouts do you feel you need? Like for aerobics, take a brisk walk with the baby – you’ll both benefit.

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    agreed- youtube

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    Take a look on http://www.esme.com It’s a web for mothers in US
    There are local communities for almost every big City in US and you can find resources you need. I’m in Boston group and I find it really helpful to me!

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