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      Hello everyone
      I am a stay at home mom to an 11 year old who has special needs and I have had ups and downs making friends locally.
      It’s difficult making friends when you are a stay at home mom and your kid is 11.
      Any tips or advice?
      I also blog if you want to get to know us better

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      Heading over to check out your blog.
      I am a sahm, well now a wahm, to 5- girls are 14 and 8 – boys are 17, 16, and 10.

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      Do u work at home im looking to start need ideas

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      I agree! I am a homeschooling parent, and it’s very difficult to find friends. Especially being a one-car family and not having the car during the day. I try to walk to the local park, but I’m often the only one there.

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      I’m sure it is tough. Bless you for the hard work

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