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      Im a second time around mom. Breast feeding my first was very easy had a good supply of milk but with this second lil guy ive had a lot less milk an i try feeding often and i pump. but now i fill less often and not very much. Hes only a week old so wondering how to help increase my supply?

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      try a lactation supplement

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      I used to drink a hot tea specially for increase your productivity.

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      there are some mothers tea products

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      Oat meal, lots of water, and also keep in mind it takes a few weeks to regulate. Maybe try power pumping twice a day for two to three days it’s where you pump for 20 mins rest for ten pump for 10 ten rest for ten and then pump for 10

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      You might need more rest so you can produce more milk but there is a better and more effective alternative to that.

      In this blog, you will be given tips on how to transition from breastmilk to formula. Take time to read because this might help you:

      How To Transition From Breast Milk To Formula

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      I would say overall hydration is a given. Not to be gross but other liquids of the body don’t get through their passage way out, males included. But some like fenugreek, the herb, but I’m iffy on anything herbal. Though, could it possibly be worse than the soy based garbage out there? That stuff was shown to increase the estrogen in baby boys several hundred fold. And then we wonder why there’s all these gay males now adays, but also odd things like gender identity disorder, men with micropenis(yes they exist like” and no i’m not a size queen lol) Anyway, fenugreek is unclear as to it’s biochemicle action, but in men who take it it is supposed to stimulate there testosterone. Does that mean in a woman that it increases testosterone? or just the gonads in general, which would mean estrogen for a woman, which is neaded to yet secret prolactin the hormone that causes lactation, but in eeither case then is the fenugreek milk produced higher in male or female hormones,(inherently it obviously also has some estrogen being it coming from a woma’s breast, but whatever nature intended), or could the fenugreek itself come through the milk and into the baby having the direct effect on their gonads, and/or plus whatever extra hormone secreted. Though my brother was breast fed and is a tremendous reader, he must read 40 books a year plus the bible cover to cover 3-4 times yearly also, but i wasn’t breast fed nor was my other brothers. My brother who reads alot is also, the most physically fit, most given to physical things,(also very high libido, yipe lol) , martial artist, was even a male stripper up until a couple years ago. Not that any of us are stupid. He actually did not finish school though and says he doesn’t concentrate that well unless interested. I remember when i had asked him about fenugreek awhile ago he said he tried it a few times and that it made him smell like pancakes, maple syrup, but that it did not increase his physical abilities in any regard, bedroom/gym But anyway, I’ve heard that nipple stimulation in general will in general, pumping. Well, my point was, my other two brothers are formula fed and was I, one went to college 2 didn’t, but I did. So my point is, I think you should give the breast milk as long as you can. I think it’s wrong to give formula. I did fine and was formula fed but as a woman, whatever soy induced estrogenic activity there may have been, may or may not impact a female as much. However, i feel my non-breast fed brothers are …not gay…not feminine but…they’re lacking, severely lacking(especially in contrast to my breast fed brother) a natural interest in pursuing women. So, i don’t know. I’m a big believer in breast feeding. I’m not saying do it in public lol but i think it’s what a growing baby body needs. I kinda wish I was breast fed, though I don’t think I’m deficient physically or mentally, but…i’ll never know what’d id be like if I were. So there it is. I know i didn’t really answer the question but, some info maybe, if anyone reading was thinking of not. I have and still breast fed both my boys and(1 and 4) and Jacob my older son can already read and David the younger can spell small words. My breast fed brother had a high school reading comprehension level of a highschool in 5th grade. Now some might be genetic as far as the reading thing because my cousin at two could spell “Penn State”(obviously my uncle was a Penn State grad lol).

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