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    I have 2 young boys, age 3 and 1. My 1yo (19 month to be exact) is in a whole other ballpark when it comes to tantrums. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been working with young kids nearly my whole life! When he gets in trouble (and I don’t mean “yelled” at) simply told “no” or any negative tone at all towards him he full on spirals. He finds and solid surface and repeatedly bashes his head off of it. Of course I run and grab him as soon as I hear him thumping. I can’t even leave him alone in his crib unless he’s nearly passed out tired. I know it’s a common reaction for some kids to do this but he takes it to another level. I found out quickly that when he realizes it hurts he doesnt stop, he just does it harder. If I don’t catch him quick enough he does it to the point of bleeding! He has a constant red lump and often scab on the top of his forehead. I talked to his pediatrician about it but she didn’t seem to have the time of day to take my concern seriously. She barely glanced at him when I tried to point out the mark on his head (hidden by his bangs) and said “it’s just a phase”. I was told he is developing normal, is speech is above average, and he makes eye contact well. There was nothing that can be done at this point. Any tips on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated! It’s to the point where I dont know what else to do, when he does this (daily) I have to just hold him and let him kick, bite, pinch me sometimes for hours to calm him down so he doesn’t self harm! No one else gets to see this behavior because he only acts out like this at home.

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    I think you should find a new pediatrician who takes your concerns seriously and can offer useful advice

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    agree with poster one above

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    You need a new doctor. Try finding someone that deals with behaviour.

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