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      I have been helping area animal rescue groups for about 4 years now. I donated money, donated my old towels, sheets & blankets also buy pet food and treats for them. There’s quite a few rescue groups around here but many animals are still without homes. There’s so much more work left to do to educate people.

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      Totally agree and it’s something children can help with as well. Great job!

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      Yes, there is. It all starts with people seeing animals as more than just animals but as equals as well. Members of the family who need lots of love and support just as their own child or selves would. Most people have little to no interest or care for animals’ and only want them around to guard or protect without giving them the necessary reasons as to why they should do so. Why guard and protect someone who is neglectful and abusive!? Without love and compassion many animals grow up sickly, mean and incapable of being loved or cared for. Some are so afraid that they lash out or run away because they can not process human kindness. I worked in animal shelters (meaning volunteered) a long time when I was young as I was studying to be a veterinarian at the time and thought the experience would be beneficial. I know just how tasking the work can be as the shelters are always in need of more supplies and people to help take care of so many lonely and neglected animals that are in desperate need of a family to love and take care of them. Most people just refuse to see an animal for anything other than just that–an animal. They hardly realize that animals get sick, come down with diseases and hurt the same as we do. Educating them is a long and tasking process as many people just don’t care or want to take the time out to fully understand what it means to be an animal in need; that is, until they find themselves in that same predicament and yet some still can’t find the sympathy and knowledge to understand that people are not the only ones who can be down and out. That animals are not just dumb, useless creatures that have no real purpose, but they feel things just as we do and just as much as we do if not more. As animals serve a variety of beneficial purposes; especially, if they are loved and well taken care of. They can and will defend you until their death, but getting more people to understand that is what posses the real problem. many never fully understand that knowledge is power and possessing it can be one of a persons finest achievements in life…

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      Love this.

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      That’s great to do

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      There’s more cats than dogs where I’m from that need homes. Our shelters are bursting at the seams. I know that volunteering is great but if no one gets the animals it’s hard to see.

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      This is great.

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      Apply for free samples of pet products and donate them to shelters

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      Great information here!

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      sounds great

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      This I wonderful. Thank you!

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      I never thought of old towels as a donation thanks for the idea!

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      Love this

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      Love this

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      Love this!

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      So great to read!

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      You are wonderful!!!!!!!!

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      thoughtful post

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      great work

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      important work

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      Totally agree.

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      love this

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      Love it

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      I commented a while back, but I wanted to tell you again that you are wonderful!

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