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      in the Arizona summer heat I still grow an inside herb garden!!!

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      Me too. easy to grow, look nice, smell nice, useful, and fresh herbs have so much more flavor

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      that’s great for fresh food

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      haha cool

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      I like the raised gardens outside. I grow lavender in with my vegetables as well to keep the bugs away. It is also great to dry in your kitchen and have your whole house smell great!

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        I am going to give lavender a try too!!!

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      I have basil, mint and thyme plants in the kitchen. They are easy to grow and their smell is really good.

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      Me too! I just got an aerogarden and love it

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      Good sharing.

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      I have an aerogarden and grow herbs year-round

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      B J

      Reading all about herbs- I can’t wait until spring, then I will start growing herbs to be put in a pot outside on the steps.

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      I love an herb garden but last years was a major fail!!!! Ill try again in the spring 🙂

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      i usually plant , but i live in florida and this year the heat has been so bad

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      I love to garden.

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      That’s great for fresh herb.

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      I have fresh basil, mint, parsley, an unknown herb but only one of those sprouted and had some scraps from bought scallions in fridge and planted the roots and they started sprouting in 3 days. I love growing fresh food. Yum!

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      What a great idea!

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      I love herb garden.

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      what are your favorite recipes with herbs?

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      I grow herbs year long!

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      We have basil, parsley, green onion, English thyme, Thai basil, silver thyme and rosemary

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      I want to do herbs this year. Wondering if i should grow them inside or outside? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks

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      Very good.

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      We grow some too. 🙂

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