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      Hi ladies,
      Can you please share good summer activities to do at home with kids.

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      Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches.
      Volunteer at a nature center.
      Make a photo journal or a family yearbook.
      Have a luau in the backyard.
      Visit the beach and collect shells.
      Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.
      Visit a farmer’s market.

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      water play

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      We try to be creative and we bake or go for bike rides, or we do crafts or play games. Try to make forts

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      Great sharing.

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      so many activities, so little time

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      Make sure to keep them reading!

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      Thanks alot

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      You can do summer camp , girl scours ,boy scouts, cook healty meals, fun it healty snack making or simply arts and crafts.

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      Good read.

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      I’m apart of a moms group an we do a lot of meet ups an they plan so much. It’s alot of help.

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      This is helpful.

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      Interesting read.

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      Baking cookies sounds yummy. Living in an apartment on the second floor with 100 degree weather sounds like a no. Even with the A/C it gets really hot. California is super bipolar right now and we haven’t found much fun activities that don’t involve going outside in the heat.

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      We play board games with them, and we have water balloon fights. My kids love doing both of those. Also, we made a blanket fort in the livingroom and watched a movie.They absolutely loved that. It was a huge blanket fort!! Maybe you could try that? I think they would enjoy that. My kiddos did. We also made tie dye shirts together. They liked that as well.

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      great ideas

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      I like to make a theme day for my kiddo. For example, we live in the Memphis area, we will have a history day and I will take him to a few activities, like the Sun City and other music museums and end with a milkshake at the Arcade restaurant which is music themed.

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      Helping with laundry.

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      This is easily tailored for all of the different ages and stages of our children.
      We would “eat around the world” in our home. Once or twice a week, each child takes a turn at finding a recipe and doing the research on where it’s from, any interesting tidbits about it. And then we cook it and talk and learn about the culture it’s from. Yes, sometimes it’s American, too but perhaps regional.

      So as toddlers, I would find books to read with them and get them interested in something that way. We would research it together. They would do what meal prep they were capable of. Dinner time would be talking about the meal, the culture, etc.

      As young school-aged children, they would find the books and cuisine on their own, and we would sit together to do the research about it and then cook it together.

      As older kids, they now select something entirely on their own, do the research, and cook it (with supervision.) It’s been fun seeing our little game evolve and these children have wonderful palates. They love cuisine from all over the world and are pretty adept at cooking. Research skills are very strong, too.

      Another fun activity was to let them make up games on their own for all of us to try. Any type of game. Sometimes they were clearly making it up as we go. Other times they were very serious and used poster board and drew or wrote on it and really thought the games out. I gave them only as much guidance and help as was necessary and to eliminate any frustrations. They’ve made up some wonderful games, and sometimes they weren’t so interesting – but we would all give it a try and laugh and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes we would come up with ways to make a so-so game really great. I think it fostered creativity for them and not being afraid to try new things or laugh at themselves. 🙂

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      Board games or card games are a hit in our home ! They are perfect for every season so we stock up on all the classics !

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      Thanks for the ideas!

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      Board games, crafts, cooking and baking.. audiobooks are a huge hit in my house

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      There are some great ideas here.

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      Thanks a lot for this interesting information

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      My little one is very crafty, so we always have art activities to do, such as drawing, coloring etc. She looks up her favorite cartoon characters and we all draw our own versions and see who wins the contest!

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      Older kids

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      DIY sponge balls
      Feed the ducks (A favorite at the moment they love to hear the ducks QUACK!)
      Swimming in the pool
      Making shaved ice cream!
      Building a tent in the backyard and sleeping in it
      Drawing on the sidewalk using imaginations

      These are just some things!

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      these are great

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      Love these ideas!

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      Pinterest has a lot of cool games, home scavenger hunts, worksheets the kids can fill out all about them. We also do a lot of online virtual tours of the zoo, etc

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      very timely, thanks for the ideas!

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