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    Hi ladies,
    Can you please share good summer activities to do at home with kids.

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    Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches.
    Volunteer at a nature center.
    Make a photo journal or a family yearbook.
    Have a luau in the backyard.
    Visit the beach and collect shells.
    Make a fort out of cardboard boxes.
    Visit a farmer’s market.

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    water play

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    We try to be creative and we bake or go for bike rides, or we do crafts or play games. Try to make forts

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    Great sharing.

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    so many activities, so little time

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    Make sure to keep them reading!

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    Thanks alot

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    You can do summer camp , girl scours ,boy scouts, cook healty meals, fun it healty snack making or simply arts and crafts.

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    Good read.

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    I’m apart of a moms group an we do a lot of meet ups an they plan so much. It’s alot of help.

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    This is helpful.

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    Interesting read.

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    Baking cookies sounds yummy. Living in an apartment on the second floor with 100 degree weather sounds like a no. Even with the A/C it gets really hot. California is super bipolar right now and we haven’t found much fun activities that don’t involve going outside in the heat.

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