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      Exactly how long does the process takes when buying a house? How much is the taxes each year?

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      Unfortunately each persons home buying experience is different. I was able to find and buy my house in 6 months. However my best friend spent 8 months looking for a home and it took 3 months to close on the house. Too many variables when you think about it. You have your needs, the bank, if your using a realtor, the people who you are buying the house from and there realtor.

      My house the couple was already moved out when I bought it, as for my friends house the family was still living there and trying to buy a new house as they sold the old house. They put it in there contract that that they would have 2 months to move their belonging out.

      Taxes are based off your properties worth. So it can really vary. But you can ask how much they pay for property tax when looking at a home.

      Sorry I was unable to help more

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      A realtor can give you answers for the town you’re looking for a new home. Good luck!

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      it depends

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      Housing market can be tricky.

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