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      How to keep your kid doing school work at home

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      schedules… and discipline (on YOUR part)

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      always have a schedule, a routine

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      agree with schedules

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      They need to know what’s expected of them

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      Definitely a routine! I’ve homeschooled my second grader til now and I will admit there’s times we have fallen behind because you can create your own schedule and I tend to keep things really relaxed. I feel school should be fun to learn about and really hands on not reading a book or screen half the day 🙄 We use our Florida Virtual School Flex program here and it’s amazing for getting the state requirements in but getting to learn freely.

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      Great information.

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      Schedule, take frequent breaks

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      positive reinforcement and sticker chart

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      This is helpful.

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      we do a reward system with our little guy. he is now in kindergaten and struggles with some things. if he does great in school and all his homework done he gets to pick something out of the treasure box every friday. rewards work

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      I agree.

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      Schedules is very important.

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      Please provide ideas for

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      Schedule accordingly. Try not to be cutthroat, but be assertive enough that they build a habit to do schoolwork without slacking.

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      I have them do their homework as soon as they get home from school. They are still in that mind set. While I’m preparing dinner. Then I allow a small treat if they are done before dinner is done cooking usually a lollypop pop.

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      SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES! I make sure that as soon as he comes home from school that its the first thing he does and then he can go play/etc. This way he gets it done and its out of the way, the later you wait the harder it will be.

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      This is not an easy task

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      Consistency and setting up a schedule. Devoting time to be available to help them if they need help.

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      definitely agree

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      I make sure no electronics or tv until everything is done

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      finding fun ways to do the schoolwork, challenges, rewards

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      I think giving them a rewarding break afterwards is helpful and gives them something to look forward to.

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      For the older kids they know that the get paid for straight a work from the bank which is great incentive for them. But the younger kids I have found that using a bingo type card and different events or prizes an be great. Everyday when homework gets done they get a sticker and choose the spot. As you know a bingo card has 25 spots and 5 make a bingo so on Friday they will get th thier bingo if they do their work all 5 days of school that week

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        I completely agree

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      So useful.

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      Definitely agree.

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      We make homework a priority and is to be completed as soon as we are home prior to doing anything else. I am also provided access to be able to probe to see if homework is completed and can verify submitted.

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      Agree with schedules.

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      for my family, we have found that it is easiest to do school work directly when we get in the house. They sit down with a snack and they do their work. They are still in school mode, so they don’t have to shift back into it later.

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      I Try to encourage him right when he gets off asking him about his day and get him excited to start it. My son is in kindergarten and he love doing homework right now!

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      give them prizes

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      When he walks in the door from school, he has a snack and does homework. We discuss our evening schedule on our way to school so he knows what to expect.

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      Reward for good behavior

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      It’s the first thing we do when we get home. I am there to help them out and when we are done it’s snack time!

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      We have a routine after school everyday

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      everday after school and then play time ;;homework then fun time ;;

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      everday after school and then play time

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      We have schedules but are super flexible. We have found that our kids want to learn when it’s on their terms. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have to redirect them at times but, we set guidelines and step back. They need to learn responsibility and priorities, which for us is God first and everything else is secondary. At first, it may be a bit of a challenge for everyone, as most new things are, but then when you see them thriving and picking to do their work and talking about how to make their schedules better to work with their chores and such….it really makes all the cray sooo worth it.

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      Sit down with them just for moral/emotional support and to be readily available if they have a question. My mom usually sat at the table with us if we had homework even in High School.

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      I agree with you

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