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    How to keep your kid doing school work at home

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    schedules… and discipline (on YOUR part)

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      We schedule a time and stick to it.

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    always have a schedule, a routine

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    agree with schedules

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    They need to know what’s expected of them

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    Definitely a routine! I’ve homeschooled my second grader til now and I will admit there’s times we have fallen behind because you can create your own schedule and I tend to keep things really relaxed. I feel school should be fun to learn about and really hands on not reading a book or screen half the day 🙄 We use our Florida Virtual School Flex program here and it’s amazing for getting the state requirements in but getting to learn freely.

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    Great information.

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    We love our Children. And of course they need to give as much attention as possible. Parents should pinch it at a young age, because it is then that the makings of the child and his quality are formed. Parents have a lot of problems when their child goes to kindergarten or school. But this is not so. Indeed, in order to motivate a person, he needs to show his bonus that he gets to complete this task. I searched a lot for information on this topic, but it was thanks to the site

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    Schedule, take frequent breaks

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    positive reinforcement and sticker chart

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    This is helpful.

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    we do a reward system with our little guy. he is now in kindergaten and struggles with some things. if he does great in school and all his homework done he gets to pick something out of the treasure box every friday. rewards work

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    I agree.

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    Schedules is very important.

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    Please provide ideas for

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    Schedule accordingly. Try not to be cutthroat, but be assertive enough that they build a habit to do schoolwork without slacking.

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    I have them do their homework as soon as they get home from school. They are still in that mind set. While I’m preparing dinner. Then I allow a small treat if they are done before dinner is done cooking usually a lollypop pop.

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    SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES! I make sure that as soon as he comes home from school that its the first thing he does and then he can go play/etc. This way he gets it done and its out of the way, the later you wait the harder it will be.

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    This is not an easy task

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    Consistency and setting up a schedule. Devoting time to be available to help them if they need help.

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