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      It’s been hard getting the books I need for my kids,I home school them.hey do like getting them off the computer,but have a few that needs the hard copies.

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      I think books should be real in childhood. Only that way children will understand the difference between reading and computer. To my mind, we should explain kids the importance of reading. I mean, reading good books. I have recently read about that on the website of the Little Scholars child early education Brooklyn. They do read even for toddlers. They wrote it develops a lot of skills. Reading make children more curious and interested in different spheres. Also, it develops their imagination. They learn how to make the right decisions and know a lot about the world. We have to read to kids to make them love reading. If we do not have time for it. we should put them into a good daycare.

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      books should be real

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      Have you checked with your local library?

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