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    Hi ladies! Any ideas for baby food flavors/recipie I need some new ideas!

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    What about apple, strawberry, and beet puree. You only need 3 ingredients. Is vegan, gluten free, serves 3. 3 parts Beech-nut organics just apples puree. 1 part no-sugar jarred beets. 1 parts strawberries, organic.

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      I had the same issue recenеly I had no idea what to feed mu 10 months baby boy. My parents gave me as present a baby food maker there I’ve found a link to webpage with lots of baby food recipes, I can share if you want.
      Some of them are:
      – Banana Oatmeal Cookies
      – Apple Muffins
      – Asparagus Risotto Puree

      and so on…

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      Homemade baby food from garden squash and carrots.

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    interested in ideas too

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    Really interested in ideas also!

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    Great sharing.

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    I love to make random mixes.

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    I make random mixes and I also have a book for crock pot baby food meals. I’m sorry I forgot the name of it.

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    Love to make this!

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    Love this.

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    Great ideas.

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    This is easy to make.

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    I paste anything.

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    I’ve caught myself throwing a few fruits and veggies together and vice versa!

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    Thank you all!! These are all great ideas!!

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    Banana Puree! Can make in less than 2 minutes.

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    These are all great ideas.

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    This recipe looks so good.

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    I’m here looking for the same.

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    Looks good!

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    We haven’t been brave enough to do mixes yet, but we might now. Thanks for the link.

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    Excellent quality!

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    Sounds great!

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