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    Does anyone make there own household cleaning products and/or laundry detergent? Looking at starting to save my family money and controlling the ingredients in our house.

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    I personally have never made my own cleaners or detergent. I do, however, have friends who have made detergent, and a lot of them got the recipes from Pinterest. There only issue was that it could be time consuming.

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    Keep it Simple. Soap is Soap. Baking soda & vinegar are cheap, natural, and work as well for most cleaning tasks as anything else.

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    B J

    I would be interested in making my own detergent and soap – I’ll have to look into it at Pinterest. Thanks.

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    Clean with baking soda and vinegar

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    Actually, it can be even simpler. Water & a microfiber cloth works on most things just fine.

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    Thanks ladies!

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    Baking soda and vinegar works great it also works good as an odor eliminater

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      i’ve not tries the baking soda but I know vinegar works great. I keep some in a spray bottle

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    Great ideas!

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    Helpful information.

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    grt ideas

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    I agree with keeping it simple! You can get really wrapped in the “homemade recipes” and all the extra ingredients you add. Dish soap and water in a spray bottle can clean most of your home – Walls, counters, quick carpet spills, etc. Water and a tiny bit of bleach or water/vinegar if you want to kill germs like if family members are sick. Start simple and when something isn’t cutting it, then look up other ingredients to try

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    I started doing this years ago! Not only is it cost effective but its better then breathing in all those chemicals as well as most cleaning products ARE tested on animals. So I say go for it! Pinterest has the best ideas..and for window cleaner stick to the rubbing alcohol based ones.

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    Baking soda and vinegar are the best

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    I like to use baking soda and vinegar method

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    We make our own laundry soap and love it, we have been using it for years. However, we just tried making our own dish washer soap and did not like it at all. It all just depends on your own opinion.

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    I am allergic to all carpet fresh. I started making my own and have not had any allergic reactions since. It is more costly and time consuming but worth it!

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    I use a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that I dilute with water, white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oils. The concentrated cleaner is green. L.O.C is the name which is short for “Liquid Organic Cleaner and here is additional information on it.


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    Great sharing.

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    This is very helpful.

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    B J

    A lot of good ideas, I am interested in making my own laundry detergent and soap.

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    great ideas

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    I am making my countertop and dinning table cleaner. I fill half of the sprayer with vinegar and the other half with rubbing alcohol.the 2 ingredients are safe to my environment

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    very good tips

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    Great ideas.

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    Youtube has some good videos on these as well.

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    I use a mixture of vinegar, lemon essential oil and water to clean everything in my house

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