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      Hola to all the mums! Yesterday I let my 8 years old kid play some games on miniclips and went making dinner. After 10 minutes I came back to check how he was doing and saw a naked breast picture on the screen. Some inappropriate add came out in front of my kid eyes. I was shocked how unsafe internet is for small kids so after that I started looking fo a solution, how to block all that ugly stuff. I came across solution, which is free to use and supposed to assure safety browsing for kids. Have any of you heard of it, and is it any good?

      Moreover, what other preventive measures you are using? I am never letting my son to use internet while he is alone in his room and only when he’s in communcal spaces of our home, such as kitchen or living room.

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      I go through it and block videos & people quite often.

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      Theres also ad blocker

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      Hi! I have the same problem with my youngest son. I am now using an app called mSpy, basically it allows me to control what my son does on the net. You can check more information about this here

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