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      We are in the process of house shifting and there is a lot of waste and unused stuff to be removed and it’ll be a hectic task for me. I think its really a good idea to get my children included in a little bit of house cleaning. But they won’t help me around the house. I read an article on how to engage children in the junk removal process at home. I think it is really helpful. But I need more advice on this matter? How can I motivate my lazy children to do household chores?

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      How old are your children? That makes a big difference in what your expectations and their motivations and abilities are.

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      Yes, it definitely depends on their ages!

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      make it a game or competition with rewards at the end

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      Depending on age, just make it fun to them and entertaining!

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      Its really nice

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      Maybe make some kind of game out of it. That way they are more apt to participate in cleaning.

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      It might help to restrict screen time until after chores are done

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      Some kind of reward for doing all there chores is usually a good way.

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      do house chores in the same time…

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      Have you watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix? I watched it with my family and now all of us are eager to clean out the junk at our house.

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      a list of what they are supposed to do, they check it off, then get the “reward” (screen time? whatever works for that age). I think maybe they aren’t so much lazy as they don’t know how/what to do. Getting them to do a little work takes a LOT of work on the parent’s part, and sometimes it feels like it isn’t worth it (but it is!!)

Viewing 13 reply threads
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