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    Hello, I have a question for all of you: how do you keep your kids secure when they are browsing the internet? I’m looking for a way to block porn sites and similar things

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    I made some research and found this site. Does this ‘family friendly dns’ can block everything?

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    It is easier if you ask an IT person.

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    It is easier if you ask an IT person.

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    there should be settings in the browser?

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    also, the computers should be in a “public” part of your house so supervision is easier

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    Common Sense media has a really interesting article on 7 apps that kids can use to chat with friends, and each has some dangers… Animal Jam, Google Docs, Instagram, LinkedIn, Roblox, Snapchat, Waze.

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    As a Mom of grown sons now 28 and 33, when they were younger, i told them the dangers of the internet. i had parental controls set up on my desktop. plus the computer was in the family room. so at any time i could walk past and see what they were viewing..

    I recently found out meetme and snapchat are not good websites for teens under 12 yrs old.. too much crap and sexual content is on those websites.

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