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      Hi, everyone! Amanda from Moms Meet here.

      We want to hear from you: how do you keep the spark alive in your relationship while balancing motherhood? Tell us your stories—the good, the bad, and everything in-between. We’ll be featuring our favorites on our special upcoming Valentine’s Day Facebook Live!

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      Try to find time for myself so that I can be there for my kids and my spouse

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      I agree.

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      how do I manage motherhood and romance together? Honestly what is romance? Come on momma’s. I gave up on that after having my first.😂 My man works alot of hours and I’m a stay at home mom. We have a 11 year old, 5 year old and a one year, that are all boys. So our house stays wild non-stop. By the time he gets home from work, and the boys are in bed, I’m touched out exhausted. He usually passes out before I even come to bed, since he gets up at 3 in the morning. We just do our “duties” randomly when we can and have the chance. Us being romantic is never. We don’t do dates, hell us talking is mainly on the phone. When our oldest two are both at their other parents house, and his mom watches the baby for us, we will go fishing together. We also are in the process of doing wood work together on the weekends and he plans on starting to make fishing baits to sell. So that is our dating life. Making time just to spend some alone time together when we can. It might sound horrible. But through the craziness, it works for us. I’m not a wine n dine kind of girl. And he’s not the romantic type of guy. We’re both the kind of person that enjoys just being in others company and not have to be kissing and touching each other to be romantic.

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      Keeping the flame hot. I love to make myself feel good and look fresh everyday. A simple kiss in the am and a sweet hello. Taking the time to listen and give love. Maybe a massage at the end of the day? A can of whip cream will start any dessert off right! Respect is so important in any relationship. Don’t let the flame burnout!!!

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      great tips

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      These are great.

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      it really is a balancing act….the key take care of yourself first so that you can feel good enough to take care of EVERYONE else too!!!!

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      Hi mom’s
      My husband and never go to bed angry. We always kiss each other good night. I also leave notes in his lunchbox or even a post it on the fridge if he is working late. We try to make time for each other. It’s the simple little things His favorite candy bar or snack. He will surprise me with fresh wild flowers he has picked along the side of the road.We don’t have the perfect marriage But he always makes me feel loved

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      It’s super hard.
      I’m on maternity leave right now with my second baby and it has gotten hard. With baby number one it was when she slept we made time for ourselves and the grandparents would offer to watch her if we wanted to get out.
      But now with two it doesn’t seem to be that easy, but we will make it work. I make it a point that we at least talk every day.

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      I do not deny that it is sometimes difficult and you feel that you are never going to have time as a couple. The important thing is to have communication and do new things. We do not leave the baby with anyone since we do not have a family nearby. Intimate time as a couple: we find the moment when the baby falls asleep and we know that he will not get up because he is very tired. Non intimate time as a couple: can be playing a board game, remember old times, watch a movie, plan more things of the future together, invent new things for the house. The thing is to enjoy that moment together. You do not have to do a lot and spend a lot of money.

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      To be perfectly honest… I’ve found that I can’t (balance a romantic life and mothering my boys) I put too much focus on the relationship rather than my boys and they deserve 100% of my attention. I’ve had a rough couple of years without my kids and dated a handful of men and I don’t feel any man except for my children is worth my attention or time.

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      For several years I always put my kids first, I will continue to do so because I can find love in my senior years and have not missed a thing

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      I make sure my kids have a set schedule so when my husband gets home he works late and out of town… He leaves at 3:30 and gets home around 5:30 earliest… So my kids lay down at 7 so my husband and I get an hour together while my kiddos get there hour of tv time before there tv have to go to bed… However getting alone time isn’t often so we definitely take advantage of it…. We sometimes take overnight trips together or just spend the night together watching movies and eating take out…. Honestly it’s the little things that keep the romance alive… We text each other good morning texts everyday… We try to keep great communication… And we never fight in front of our kids or argue loud enough for them to hear… We don’t argue often at all though… We were high school sweethearts split up for 10 years and then got back together after I left my kid’s father and we’ve been married 6 years :)! Made me believe in destiny or fate! Anywho communication, little together time before bed, as much time as possible on the weekend or 1 day we get on the weekend…

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      Very interesting read.

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      My husband and I balance romance and parenting by keeping our tidy, ourselves clean and shaved and ready to sneak in moments to ourselves. Sometimes we’re both exhausted from a long day, so we’ll cuddle up and catch up on our favorite shows. We make it a point to hold hands and cuddle. Just feeling him close after a crazy day with the kids can be exciting for me.

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      This is wonderful.

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      It’s hard to balance the two for sure… I’m on disability, a stay at home mom. My husband and I don’t have any “special” time… we don’t really go anywhere or do anything, we just enjoy each other’s company. We don’t need to be talking constantly.. we are comfortable in the silence together and it’s never awkward. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life and it’s only been 6 years… we’re not the “romantic” couple by any means. We just love being part of each other. My kids and I spend time together the majority of the night after school, so until bed, it’s usually just us.

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      Hi everyone, to be able to balance both you have to make sure you take the time to work on your self first. If you dont you will not be able to care for no one else. My romance is after kids were in bed, unless one of the kids needed something. They were taken care of when needed

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      Such a great idea.

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      I think a great way to keep things spicy is cooking together. My guy likes to prepare the meat and while he is doing that I stand in the kitchen talking to him. I usually prepare the vegetables or sides. He helps when I ask. We have music going and often break into dance. We often bump into each other and have to say the password, “Give me a kiss” !!! This works great because every time me bump into each other we kiss. The impromptu dancing is also fun. It’s not every meal but when we can.

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      Being a mother of 3 it is very hard for me to ever get alone time with my husband, but what we do is put the kids to bed at 8pm and after they are sleeping, that is our time together. It’s not much time considering we do not stay up too late, but atleast we still get a little bit of time together alone.

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      How do I balance romance and motherhood? I do what the kids want until I tire them out they fall asleep and then me and my husband can be together and be romantic.

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      I honestly think it’s all about balance. I try to set time aside for my fiance every night after the kiddo is in bed.

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      Yeah, I have to admit, I think it’s dead. He’s not interested, sadly.

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      My children are grown, my youngest is 16. We would spend time with each other when the children were sleeping. But the children’s needs came first. We did not have to be together all the time. We are in love so we know that we were not wanting to spend time together. I believe that if you want to spend alone time with each other it will happen. You just have to take it when you can

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      I have to ask my mom or sister to take baby with them so I can have some alone time with my husband. It is super hard to be in love with my husband after baby was born, but I try the best to go out for dates.

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      How do i stop arguing?

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      For some reason that seems to change over the seasons as I get a “balance” of romance and motherhood. But, I try to make an effort in the little things, whether it is dressing up for myself and husband, helping my husband with something in the day so that we can have time together, and knowing that our efforts for romance is seen by our son who will one day grow up to follow our example and do even better at romance. Children watch their parents, and when they see the love between them, that sets them up for a strong love for their future spouse.

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      enough sleep helps

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      I was very concerned about this especially after having my second child but my husband and I do a great job of taking the time for our kids and for ourselves since are children are young they go to bed at 8 and we have time to ourselves laying on the couch cuddled up is romance enough for us just being together and we try and take one night out of the month and have date night it doesn’t always happen but most of the time we get that time together it’s wonderful and means so much to us!

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      Great topic. i really enjoyed reading all these helpful tips. Thank you mom’s

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      Honestly, I was super concerned about this after having my second baby,but it seems like everything just balances itself out perfectly on its own. We help each other with taking care or the kids, then find those special moments whenever we can to love and cuddle with each other as well!

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      My husband and I schedule date nights at least twice a month and we try to have intimate nights at the very least once a week. As far as day to day, we do little things for each other. I love it when he’ll randomly bring me flowers when he gets home from work and he likes when I send him random text messages saying how much I appreciate him. Seriously the little things can really mean the world and help make the larger romantic things, like date night (and other stuff), a little more exciting and engaging.

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      Honestly, I haven’t been balancing it for awhile lol. The scales are tipped, motherhood outweighing the romance. We have 3 little ones. Always tired and trying to remember everything. We were trying to have a weekly date night, but turns out more like once a month maybe. I think even just trying to go out once a week, and it doesn’t have to be spending money on anything – like go for a walk, it helps

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      We went a long time without date nights & really noticed a difference. Its sooo good to get a sitter & get out of the house. It doesnt have to be fancy but spend time away talking & being intentional with one another. Its important to be husband & wife not just mom & dad.

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      So very important to include both in any family. We have six of us and I make sure each one of us gets a date with Mom and or dad once a month. I also make sure Dad and Mom get a date once a month. Special times special things make special memories.

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      Good read.

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      Great tips.

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      Every couple and family is different!! You just do the best you can

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      Make date nights a priority! The children will be grown and gone before you know it and if you don’t maintain the relationship now, there won’t be one left.

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      It’s the little things like a kiss goodbye before my husband leaves to work and a kiss when he arrives home from work. We keep it minimal yet always find time for one another even if it’s just one hour for ourselves after we’ve put our son to sleep.

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      interesting views on this. Now that I am an empty nester, i find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. I feel lost and not as important as I once was. I have been the mom first and the wife second..i know it sounds bad, but trying to restart the romantic aspect of our relationship is hard. We are slowly finding ways, such as doing little things together. He helps more around the house and is paying more attention to how I feel. I have also started to include more special things in lunches, notes where he would least expect to find them; and I realize that it is the little things that mean the most.

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      Love this.

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      date night every week

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      For sure after getting married and have kids the romance is changing. You do not realize thus until you get married and have kids! If you are single you thing that this will be easy! But is not!

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      these are great

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      I honestly hear all the time how couples have grown apart in the romance department and I can’t relate. I am going on my third child and my husband and my romance is still like the day we first met (we haven’t been a single day apart since we first met either). We take time out for eachother, bubble baths together while the kids sleep, movie nights, we write eachother love notes at random, surprise candle lit dinners. We talk alot, communication is big for us, anything that is bothering us or is on our minds we talk about it because holding in something like that can become a bigger issue. We also never go to bed angry we always make up before we go to sleep. Also at least once a month we have my aunt watch the kids for us and we go out on a date, no not an expensive fancy date, more like a Wendy’s or McDonald’s date, we go inside sit down and eat and just talk and laugh and enjoy eachothers company. Love, time, and compromise is so important too. If he wants to go to a car show I will go with a smile on my face even though it isn’t something I am particularly fond of, and if i want to go to a craft fair he goes too without a fuss, because we know that is what makes the other person happy and we want eachother to be happy and not miserable all the time. We also cut toxic people from our lives, people always acting jealous towards our relationship, or trying to tear us apart just because what they had with their significant other didn’t work out, and we are fine with that, we just had to realize there really are people out there like that. I always love hearing good things about people’s relationships, it makes me very happy knowing they are happy as well. Anyways sorry for the ramble 😊

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      We make sure to get in at least one date night when we can ! Between me Being super pregnant and him working it’s gotten harder but even something small as a movie date and dinner is helpful. Or sometimes we’ll drop the kids to glad for a sleepover and enjoy a nice night in with movies and snacks it’s great. The little things help!

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      It’s really hard , but we try

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      All great ideas.

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      my husband and I have been together for a very long time and we really love freedom. All the time we keep a little distance between us and it’s interesting. We give each other time to relax with friends and don’t call 10 times an hour. When I gave birth to a child it was very difficult, I was very tired, but I always found time for myself, although during pregnancy we experienced some difficulties in relationships. I’m not trying to carry all the responsibilities on myself, if it’s hard for me, then I’ll tell hubby about it and he will help. I’m not afraid to leave the child with him and I’m not trying to control everything, because the daughter should get used to her father, and the father have know how to take care of her without me. Thus, we have built a very respectful relationship and we always look at each other with interest.

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      I agree with Stella about romance

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