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      I love eating healthy but getting my kids to eat that way is very hard! Mom’s do you have any advice for me?

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      Keep it simple.

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        I fix celery and peanut butter and my kids love them…..

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        I agree —simple is better…..

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        I mix it in with food they love

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      I think the best thing to do is to model healthy eating and “make it look good.” I also always discuss healthy foods as “foods that make your brain smarter and your body stronger” and junk foods as offering no real benefits. We also do smoothies, soups, fruit bowls, try new veggies often, and more.

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      You don’t have to convince them, you just need to build their habit to eat healthy food.

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      Great tips

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      avoid buying what you do not need and eventually they will eat what is available

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      Great tips.

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      These are the right answers…

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      tell them it’s yummy, not healthy

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      I figure as lonh as my children eat SOMETHING healthy in each meal then that is a step in the right direction. They are children so I definitely don’t expect them to be perfect.

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      Helpful information.

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      Helpful information.

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      Kids learn to love sugar at a young age, you have to monitor processed sugar intake. Sugar, salt, and oil are highly addictive.

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      Great suggestion here.

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      I always have them eat what my husband and I are eating. They adapt so well and I don’t give them options like having mac and cheese.

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      I always have them eat what my husband and I are eating. They adapt so well and I don’t give them options like having mac and cheese.

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      I always sneak it in. Look on Pinterest for ways to sneak in veggies into food. There are so many options these days to help with this like plant based pasta or green “monster juice” smoothies.

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      I put healthy ingredients in everything for example broccoli and macaroni and cheese!

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      plant based pasta or green smoothies

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      eat together as a family, and all of you eat healthy

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      those are great

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      only give them healthy options!

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      Having healthy foods on hand like different fruits and vegetables helps.ann

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      Have healthy foods on hand like apples and raisins.ann

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      Always offer healthy options. I just make sure we st least taste everything. My kids prefer vegetables whole and roasted plus they can help prep which makes them more likely to eat

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      Just cook 3 times a day

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      We love trying new things in our house. My trick is I let mine help with the preparation of the product. The love helping me prep and cook. It can get messy, but I find them more willing to eat what they make

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      Have healthy snacks on hand like crackers and cheese fruit and vegetables.ann

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      setting out healthy things to snack on always helps.

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      Great information.

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      There should be foods that they like. Ex. Chicken Nuggets. Some companies add healthy ingredients to them so the kids get nutritional foods without their knowledge

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      I need help one of mine is so fuss she only likes chicken

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