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    I’m looking to chat to women from the US who are struggling with their body confidence?

    Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark and desperately want to learn to love your body again?

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    very great and yours

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    I am feeling good.

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    If you neglect yourself that could happen but just make a plan and follow.

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    be happy and smile

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    When I began practicing mindfulness I learned the feeling of settling in my own body, I learned to love and accept my body. Inutitive eating also helps. Less food guilt and nasty thoughts.

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    I am ok with my extra inches I am not here to impress anyone!

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    Working on it everyday!

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    Hi My name is Ruth I am 35 and I am struggling with my body for a long time. I fell very ugly and you know depress at the same time. I weight 120 when I was single and now I weight 175 pounds. I have some surgeries that keep me on bed for some time and now I tried different thing and I can’t loose not even one pound…. if you know something that can help me let me know thank you….

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    Working to make myself better.

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    maybe a pretty complicated issue

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    Working on it.

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    Hi all,
    I am a newbie to this forum, hope you all feel well

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    try to be active every day

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    Working on it everyday.

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