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      When doctor told me that i have “Celiac Disease” and i am not allowed to eat wheat ,wheat was a big surprise for me.
      As born and raise in India ,wheat was a major part in over daily routine..and it never effected me.Never even heard about somebody has wheat allergy or gluten free. it was last year fall i was feeling so itchy and got hives in my thighs,back..very uncomfortable to sit and sleep in night…those were so bad..i was crying..went to visit 1st doctor and she said may be some allergy triggers but not sure..she gave me itch relief cream, benadryl at night time. But nothing improves it’s getting worst, aloevera gel, ice patch..nothing working.2nd doctor did all the allergy taste,blood test but still she was not sure what’s going on with me…because i do not have upset stomach ,stomach ache, or diarrhea.
      Nobody is suspecting about gluten..then i decided to take a sharp eye on everything and my daily routine..i have taken 1 week off form work..i started notice that as soon as i started working with wheat flour i am gettting some hives in my hands and after eating…it’s all over body..heavy breathing..after my 10 days observation i was 100% sure something related to wheat..
      I told my doctor about it and asked her to do some testing related to it…and then i got this news…even doctor was saying you have no symtoms realted to celiac..but i said everyone has different body..

      Just want to help others ,if someone has these hives and itchy skins ..may be it celiac…keep an eye.

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      lucky for you to have these doctors who seem to care

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      good info

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      My issue is more stomach cramping , abdominal pain. Still not diagnosed yet but grandmother had it.

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