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      I am often asked as a social question before people used to say hello how are you doing?Now they say how long do you think this covid-19 virus is going to last? Will there be another stimulus check number? I often say I think it’s going to be for another 2 years because even though it’s keeping people separated from each other, it’s cause a lot of death, a lot of misinterpretation, a lot of financial worries, People are just attracted to people and we all need & want to be around,& go to events, and do the things that we’ve been used to doing even though we are in our first year every time the city or the state turns into a ghost town that’s not good for business that’s not good for anybody and now it’s almost summer again I just say mask up we’re still in this. Some of my group were opposed to getting the shot & it didn’t matter who or what famous or fictional person got the shot. Fear and lack of knowledge had some at Ohh heck No. But were on our first shot next one is May 7. 2021.

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      I agree. Good for you for getting the vaccine and encouraging others.

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      not working

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      May God, finish this

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      Good read.

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      it depends

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      We will see

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