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      Dear moms,

      My kid(8 years old) has been whining about drinking cola constantly. I now allow him one glass with breakfast, lunch and one at dinner(three glasses total per day). Do you think this is too much or is more fine? I’m getting tired of all the nagging so I’m considering just letting it go all together. Do you have any tips or advice?
      Thanks in advance.

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      No soda to children at all, even if it is diet.

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      no soda at all

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      This is coming from my standpoint as a Nurse Practitioner.

      Life most foods, there is no harm in a child having an occasional cola. But neither children nor anyone else need anything but clean water as their usual means of remaining hydrated. Since water can be a bit boring, we have made various teas available to our children since they were young–mostly non-caffeinated fruit teas.

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      No soda, especially dark sodas, for children. If everyone really knew what soda was actually made with…..

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      I try to limit my children to non caffeinated beverages only

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