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    Just curious on other moms’ opinions. Some moms I know never really go out, or once in a blue moon, or pretty often. When you have young kids, how often do you go out without them & have some you time?

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    once a week

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    Hardly ever

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    one way that helps is to have a “babysitting co-op” of neighborhood/friend parents. Exchange chits so one set of parents can go out for an hour or an evening while the other parents babysit, and they exchange the chits for their turn another time.

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    When I did have young kids it wasn’t often I went out without them, but when I did I had my mom and they were always sleep before I would go out. Once out, I never really enjoyed myself because I was always wondering if my kids were still asleep, and if not, were they asking a lot of questions about where there mom was. So as you can see, going out was not much fun even when I did get a chance to do it…

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    Thanks to all those who responded!

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