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      I am 47 years old and I have lost 54 lbs. I am at a boot camp type gym now and go 3 days of the week. Should I be doing more on my off gym days and if yes what should I do. I still have a good 50-60 pounds more to lose.

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      Hey, good for you!! That’s awesome. I do need to workout more myself. If you do extreme workouts at the gym, (and you know your body better) just make sure you don’t overdo it with those kind of work outs everyday. But like I said, you know yourself better and what you can handle. I personally love going for long walks or hikes. I do a lot of yoga and it really helps with any tightness or soar muscles. I also lift hand weights, jump rope, I have an exercise bike, etc. These workouts work for me, but doesn’t overdo it. Do what you need to do, just don’t stress your body too much. Sounds like you’re doing great!! 😀

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      I too am on a path to wellness. My doctor just said that being active 5-6 days a week is ideal. She said that taking a 20-30 minute walk is great. So – I walk (and run sometimes) on my off days and then “bootcamp” train with my personal trainer on the other days. My trainer said that taking one of those days with heavy weights would be ideal but I just don’t feel strong enough for that so – walking on the off days it is! 🙂

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      I need to start working out too.

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      On your off days simple aerobics or even just household chores should be sufficient.

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      good to hear

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      As much as u can!

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      3 days a week

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      I agree, as much as you can.

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      Everyday is best. By everyday I mean walking, that should be an essential part of your life, everyday. Then after you have gotten in the steps you can for the day, do something on the side like lifting some kind of weights or doing some cardio. It you are really busy and don’t really have the time for weights/cardio, consider slipping on some ankle or wrist weights or both while you walk. Best of luck on your journey!

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      I think it’s all up to the individual. I workout 7 days a week, but that is because I love how I feel afterwards.

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