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      I have recently discovered I have an allergy to eggs..can anyone tell me if this is a serious allergy or if its something that’s more inconvenient than life threatening.

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      yes it can lead you up to the hospital

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      Just like any allergies, it could be life threatening as allergic reactions are like a Russian roulette. Sometimes very mild reaction/ almost none. Then, there will be a time when you hit a jackpot (life threatening)

      How did you find out? Are you allergic to the whole egg? egg white? egg yolk? Can you tolerate baked egg? It is something you and your allergist should discuss. Were you prescribed an epinephrine.

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      Yes it can be very serious if proper precautions are not taken.

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      It is very serious. My mom has it and she pukes all the time and has to be hospitalized. Even if she eats a cake slice which has egg content in in it, she pukes.

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      Hi! Sorry for tbe delay in responding to your questions, ive had a stomach bug ugggh. anywho, thanks for your insight on my issue. I actually found out because i had a reoccurring rash cover most of my upper body , i know right but it wasn’t always visible but i could be felt if i ran my hands over my skin. So i finally went to the Dr.went through sum allergy test but my dr was almost positive before any of the test it was a egg allergy. Im mostly allergic to the yolk but the whites can be a trigger too. I was nit prescribed any thing. But we eent through my diet and ways to get the benefits of eggs without the eggs. As im also severly anemic and so i had to find ways to get my iron and protein. Tbanks for being so nice and helpful its a rare quality these days

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      I even have a mini Dachshund that is highly allergic to eggs and she use to love them. She breaks out from head to toe and loses her hair if she eats just one bite!

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      It can be frustrating. There is a learning curve to figure out how to avoid them when they are in many different foods from noodles to various dishes and deserts etc. But it is workable and eventually you will get more confident in substitutions. If you notice a flare up and realize it was a hidden ingredient, then drink lots of water and give the flare up time to subside. Sometimes a little peroxide on the itchy skin with a cotton ball, then followed by coconut oil or olive oil to sooth the skin if needed, and drinking lots of water to flush the liver and kidneys, and some vitamin C and a little sunshine and rest seem to help the healing speed up and bring some relief.

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      My grandbaby has an egg allergy and they have to carry an Epi-Pen in the diaper bag. its insane. What is there to eat that doesnt have egg… well and she is also allergic to milk so the poor girl has such a limited diet.

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      most of this was new info to me

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      I just recently found out that I am allergic to eggs. I get really bad pains in my abdomen when I eat them or anything that has eggs in them. I have found that I can eat Mayonnaise.. so I am not sure if I can eat just the egg whites or not. I love eggs, and having to take them out of my diet has really been hard for me. I am glad that I have found others that share this same allergy. No offense. But it makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one out here.

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      i think it could be

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      Super serios.
      Talk with your doctor.

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      Great post.

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      Consult Nutritionist

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      talk to your doctor

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      see a dr

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      It depends on the gravity of the allergies you get whenever you eat eggs

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      I think every person has a different sensitivity, but I always give lots of respect to food allergies.

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      It is very serious.

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      Thank you for sharing.

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      Good to know.

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      Good information

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