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      Hey guys! I think that parent involvement is very important in a school setting. Parent involvement is crucial for the development and success of high school! I have pasted a link of some important aspects of what a high school should include! Let me know your thoughts and opinions!

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      I think being able to volunteer as much as possible is very important. I also believe it’s important to have your child involved in some kind of activity, such as a sport, band, orchestra, choir or drama club. I don’t love the uniform idea as we have done that before at a charter school. My daughter does better in the public school setting and she will be going into an art academy high school.

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        Those are very important as well! My daughter, Evelyn, has been involved with the dance team, and she has made many friends because of it! I also think that getting involved freshman year of high school is a good idea in order to establish those relationships with friends early on. I sure hope Evelyn’s younger brother will be able to make friends as easily as she has! 🙂

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