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      Your compost should be in a location that is not too close to your home, so that any smells produced won’t bother you and so that any rodents that visit it won’t migrate into your home. It can be in the sun or shade, but understand that compost bins in the sun will break down quicker but will likely need more water added. Also, make sure the pile is in an area where there is room to turn it.[1] •It is best to have a compost pile on an area of soil a few feet away from plants, not on a deck or patio, so that turning and moving the compost will be easy.

      Purchase a pre-made compost bin. If you want a quick and easy way to start your compost pile, there are a variety of bins that can be purchased at home improvement stores or through many local municipalities. These are often black plastic tubes with a lid on top and an open bottom. They are typically cheap to purchase and easy to set up and use right away.[2] •The solid-sided black plastic compost bins also provide a bit of protection from rodents or other animals getting into your compost pile, while open topped 3

      Construct a bin for your compost. If you have a specific shape or size of bin you want, it is easy for you to make your own custom compost bin. Most home compost bins have a frame made of wood and sides that can either be wood or wire mesh. Depending on your needs, aim for the bin to be at least 1 cubic yard or 1 cubic meter, as this will give you a decent amount of compost while not taking up too much space in your yard. •A 1 cubic yard compost bin will be about 3 feet (0.91 m) tall and the sides will be 4 feet (1.2 m) wide.[3] 4

      Consider making a pile right on the ground. While compost containers keep compost contained and can help keep rodents and other animals at bay, it is also OK to make a composting pile right on the ground. All that is required is a designated space where your yard debris and kitchen scraps can be piled up.[4] •While having a bin will keep the process neater and will help to discourage animals if you are composting food scraps, having a simple pile will make turning and maintaining the compost quicker and easier.5

      Participate in municipal composting if you can’t make your own pile. While having a compost pile at home allows you to make and use compost, you can still avoid wasting your kitchen scraps by putting them in a compost container that is collected and used by your city. Many cities now have these programs, which collect kitchen scraps and add them to industrial composting processes.[5] •In addition to not letting your scraps go to waste, putting kitchen waste into a compost container instead of the garbage helps you save a lot of room in your garbage can.
      •Contact your local municipality to see if they will collect garden waste for composting.
      •How kitchen waste is collected by cities varies. Some municipalities have you add it to your yard debris container, while others have separate containers for kitchen scraps.

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      thanks for this

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      This is exactly what I was searching for. Thank you and I can’t wait to get started

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      gud info

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      good tips

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      I so want to start doing this but I worry about the smell and bringing rodents into my area

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      Kinda a silly question..does anyone know if you can compost an whole egg? Meaning the shells separate, but put the yoke and whites in there also? I don’t want to put them in the trash or down the drain. Thanks!

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      Thanks for this.

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      Very helpful info

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      thank you for sharing

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      I just started a compost this past spring, I am still learning on what items can be composted. But I have mostly stuck to fruit and veggies peels and scraps.

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      Thanks for the information. I know we want to do this eventually, now I will be thinking about where the perfect spot on our property is.

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      Helpful information.

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