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      Hello there!

      What kind of veggies your children hate the most? What are they?

      What do you do to make your children eat more vegetables?

      Any tips would be appreciated.

      Thank you!

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      My daughter is super picky and is hesitant to try new foods. I offer her veggies at dinner every night, the same ones the rest of the family is eating. She has to try one small bite. Sometimes she likes it and will eat more and sometimes she dislikes it. But at least she will get used to trying it. I think it helps to discuss how yummy veggies are vs. healthy. When she sees the rest of the family enjoying veggies because they are yummy, she is more willing to try them.

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      They sell cauliflower pizza crust! try that! It usually has 1 to 3 servings of vegetables! it’s great! who doesn’t like pizza! ALSO, try giving a smoothie and throwing some spinach in there. they would never tell! I’m always doing that, and my son loves it.

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      good input

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      mix in with other food, there are a lot of good recipes online. There is a new ice cream out(called Yum, I think), that is made from fruit and vegetables. That will surely work!

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      We grow a garden and make recipes together that incorporate the harvest

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