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    Around October of last year, I adopted a 17 year old son named “Mark” because nobody else will, and I believe all foster kids deserve a home. We were told that adopting older children would present “unique challenges” and that it might be difficult on us, and I didn’t see how.
    Mark is extremely difficult to deal with because he holds extreme resent against women, and I’m a single parent.
    He has heavy mood swings and calls me mean things often, and I’ve never done anything but support him thus far.
    He lies often and likes to keep to his computer, how do I deal with this?
    I just want my son to love me, rarely does he ever say anything nice, and when he does, it feels very illegitimate or forced.
    I feel like his resentment from women comes mostly from his original mother, but he won’t open up to me about it.

    How do I deal with this? I’ve only had him for about five months and I’m confident he hates me, but I refuse to give up on him.

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    Continue loving him harder. You just have to be that one person that shows him women are not all monsters.

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    hope you’re able to work it out

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