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      I have a nine year old and I have tried to think of ways on discipline her when she misbehaves so far everything I’ve come up with hasn’t worked and I would really like to have some suggestions from any moms that would like to give them and I would greatly appreciate it

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      emotional focus: say, you must be feeling really upset right now. You need a book or some training to learn to do this… google EFT

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      Ty I greatly appreciate it and I will absolutely do this

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        Hit 2 birds with 1 stone right there. Reading will help them to stimulate thier minds as well as calm them down.

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      Walk away. Tell her that you will talk about it when she calms down.

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      it’s tough

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      Yes it sure is

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      Amy at1 ty I sure will do this ty very much and I really appreciate the advice I so greatly appreciate it I’ve tried time out talking making her write sentences and standing in the corner and etc. but so far nothing has really worked but I’m ready to try that with her I believe that it will work

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      I have to learn to just walk off it seems to get them to knock it off

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      I used to do a lot of time out and realized my son only got worse. I read this article about just trying to distract your kids when they have a meltdown and to get on eye level with them to try to talk to them and explain things. It seems far fetched that they can understand us but I believe often they understand more than we give them credit for. I guess the key is a lot of patience which I don’t have 🤣
      But I find the more I show patience instead of getting upset the calmer my son is too. My son is now almost 2.

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      Good advice!!

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      I have my son clean and have told him when he misbehaves that he is to donate one toy of his choosing to a child that needs it. It helps as far as learning how to share our things and it clears up clutter in his bedroom.

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