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      Hi everyone,

      What if I told you that in 2021 almost 30% of all kids in the western world face some sort of a literacy problem? Would you believe me? I sure didn’t! That is, until I went down the rabbit hole and my heart just broke into a million pieces!

      Whilst we are living in the iPad & YouTube age, the importance of being able to read, comprehend and process knowledge is absolutely crucial for any child throughout their development, and the fact that literacy rates are going down just blows my mind.

      As I’m not the type to sit around and wait for things to get better, I am making it my mission to find an effective solution to turn those numbers around and make sure that our kid’s generation is turning into the most literate vs the most illiterate.

      But to get to that solution I need your help. Would you help me change the future of 30% of all children? I make a quick and easy survey that takes just 1 minute to complete and your feedback would directly impact my research on finding a solution!


      Thank you


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      Reading is so important!

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      read daily

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      I think the best way is to read to them every day

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      Lead by example by reading and saying positive things about reading. Read to your child. Have them pick out books to either read themselves or for you to read to them. Go to the library!

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