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    Hello, does any one have some great ideas to make your group party really exciting and fun with good ideas to decorate?

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    yes try balloons

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    Really depends on what the party is! What your sampling. But one piece of advice as far as decorations, go to the dollar store! Minimal decorating is needed! Focus on the product and it will be great!

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      This was very helpful thank you! I’m fairly new to this group. Loving it so far!

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    I worried about this at first, but it has turned out to be a lot of fun just getting together. The product being sampled is actually pretty interesting in itself, and everybody loves having something free to take home and try. My group is very pleased now when they hear something else is on the way, they don’t need much else.

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    Great information.

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    id say just grab plates and things like that in the same pattern and create an great party space versus going all out and decorating. it will save time and money

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    Thank you for sharing this.

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    I think playing some games with your friends and make some delicious food is good for me

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    I love to play games and decorate for the party. Having it inside or out is also fun (depending on the weather. I love having it in the sunroom as it is bright and cheerful.

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    This is very good.

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    I love to have parties with all my family since we are very close. We always prepare the parties in different occasions. It can be a breakfast. We all get together in the morning, also a good lunch or in the evening a good evening is spectacular.

    Amo realizar fiestas con toda mi familia ya que somos muy unidos siempre preparamos las fiestas en diferentes ocaciones puede ser un desayuno todos reunirnos en la mañana, tambien un buen almuerzo o en la noche una buena velada es espectacular.

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    This sounds amazing.

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    I think involving everyone in the discussion about the product, demonstration, samples as well the the opportunity to walk away with a prize pack is enticing to others. Additionally, you must know your audience and what the appeal is to them. Such as percentage off coupon, the opportunity to join the moms meet community online, contribution to forums, etc

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    I am usually focusing on the product and displaying the product(s) and the information so the guests can sample the product(s) and get all the information about the product. I am not really decorating for the parties.

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    these are helpful

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    We turn everything we do as a way to connect, we brag about the products and that turns into just a group of women sharing life and all its experiences as women , moms and wifes even the dads in the group get jealous saying they wish they had groups like this lol, we hae balloons, snacks and finger foods that everyone brings and gather grab bags for all the guest with the samples

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    We have done different things and met up different places. We have met at the springs. Once I had a Tye-dye party while we sampled. Sometimes, It’s just let’s have a playdate and I have —–to sample.

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    Sometimes I have my kids create artwork around the theme of the party. And I try to include a craft project for the kids at the sampling party. Pinterest has tons of ideas.

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    I try to get all the attendees involved.

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    B J

    I play games at my parties also. But, I like the idea of balloons – that sounds great.

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    Make the coupon handouts into a contest! Ask them questions about the product to see if they were paying attention, and to encourage more interaction, in order for them to win.

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    Looks like a lot of fun.

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    great ideas

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    These are some great idea’s!

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    Great ideas! Wondering how many products you recommend sampling at one party and how many guests is too much?

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    music, background soft noise, subtle yet fun

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    I am in a group text with my moms and because we meet alot,one of the ways we do it is when i get the sample i put it out there,and one of my mom picks it up and they decide how we are going to do the party. even though i get the samples, we are all good friends we each take part in planning the party’s. It makes it fun that way for us.

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    Select a category and narrow the focus of what will be tested/tasted. The host should complete the prerequisites such as research your topic and do a little pre-tasting/pre-testing.
    Choose a theme to help you tie your choices together and gather the products with enough for all invited with a few extras for the unexpected /mishap. Provide a comfortable setting with tables and chairs for all. Provide paper and pen so that the tasters can keep track of their notes to compare with each other later on.
    Remember tasting is different from eating. When you taste, you slow down, pay attention, and savor the food in a structured fashion, evaluating the samples’ appearance, aroma, flavor, texture, and finish. Then note:
    Did I enjoy this product? Why or why not
    Would I buy it again? Why and why not
    Time to compare and share with the group. You can try something fun and swap notes amongst the group or do a round robin with comments and feedback, have fun and make it fun. Leave a lasting impression of the taste/test.

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    Love all these ideas!

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    I do very little as far as decorations, I focus more on the item and build around it. My group loves just trying new things out and giving feedback to me to let everyone know. Enjoy the time together.

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    I love these ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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    This is very helpful.

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    Glow in the dark balloons were a big hit at my cousins wedding.

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    Great tips!

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    Love these ideas!

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