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    So I’m a mom of 2 boys and only work like 20 hours a week have a budget so tight u could see through it. Any ideas or tips on how to eat healthier with little money

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    I don’t know if there’s an Aldi around you, but that is my go-to grocery store. They have cheap foods because they save money on other things like not providing plastic bags. In addition, Sam’s, Costco and other bulk foods stores are great!I like to buy oatmeal and potatoes there to save a lot of money. They also have meats for a great deal. If 10 lbs of meat is too much, I will cook half of it, and throw the rest in the freezer for the next week. I also buy frozen vegetables because it is convenient to throw in the microwave. I’m not sure if it’s more cheaper, but it does save time than cooking raw veggies.

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    Have you ever looked in to couponing, I know it can be time consuming, but when you get the swing of it, you can really get some great deals. I started really checking it out, thanks to my friend & now I find myself daily downloading online coupons for the items I buy most.

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    It’s easy to get about $10 in gift cards a week on mypoints.com. I have other tips on my blog (no annoying ads either). https://mrspearssavings.blogspot.com

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      great tip thank you

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    Sometimes you can find meat,fruits and veggies that’s been marked down considerably at your local grocery stores because they have to sale perishables by a certain date,and they rather mark it down instead of toss it out. For example I got a $23 dollar pork shoulder roast for $8 and I made bbq pulled pork in the crock pot and it was more than enough for leftovers during the week. Someone suggested Aldi’s and depending on the item,it is cheaper to get your groceries from there. Good luck,you can definitely feed a family on a tight budget.

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      B J

      This is a good point. I also shop for perishables that have been reduced a great way to save!!

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    If you live near a Grocery Outlet its worth the drive. They have super cheap groceries. I go and look for specials on things like cream cheese. Sometimes I can get 3 packages for a dollar because they are close to expiring and I just throw them right in the freezer until I need one. They have fresh lunch meat that is about half the price of other grocery stores. Its the first store I go to when I need to buy groceries.

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    I buy bulk chicken breast and I cut them in half length wise. so if u have a pkg of 4 then you have 8 pieces of chicken and I bag them and put in the freezer. I also take one piece of the chicken breast and cut into pieces bite size and put them in a pan and fry up with garlic powder or onion powder, any spice the kids like and I make rice and add in some veges like broccoli or corn and place rice in a bowl then add the chicken on top and we have 4 servings to feed everyone, add some rolls or biscuits and a cut up apple on the side and u have a filling meal.and when I go shopping I buy bulk porkchops and chicken thighs and legs and I place 4 pieces into a bag and freeze and then I take out one pkg of meat and its enough for everyone to have one piece so I’m not making any extra that may get thrown out or wasted. I hope that helps it sure has gotten me to not waste food and money that is tight for us also.and with chicken breast, boneless, u can make a stirfry or homemade chicken strips/nuggets or add to alfredo sauce or make soup or chicken sandwiches, just so many things you can make with boneless chicken breast so its not the same old thing. you can also go to an area food bank and it helps greatly .

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    I spend one weekend day a month and make lots of beans. I use them for soups, chilis, side dishes. High in protein, low in fat, inexpensive, versatile. They free great too

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    Great suggestions here! I’m also a mom of two hungry boys and I blog about how we feed our family “real food” on under $350/month (usually $300). Feel free to contact me anytime; I sincerely love to help! 🙂


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    Costco is a great place to shop at low prices. And they have lots of organics.

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    I buy and generally make meals out of anything on sale! If chicken is on sale, thats for supper! If broccoli is on sale, that’s for supper too! The only things I will pay full price for is things like milk and bread and the necessities. If soup goes on sale, I stock up whether I need it or not because I know I will use it eventually.

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    shopping with coupons and weekly sales are key. use online coupon forums for weekly matchups.

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    I always look for discount grocery stores around me…Aldi’s is a great place to shop. They always have cheaper products and they are always fresher than a lot of stuff that I have gotten from Walmart. I always make a list and clip coupons before I go shopping anywhere. Newspaper flyers and the internet are just a few of the places that I can find them.Every little bit saves.

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    I shop online at Amazon and use coupons whenever possible.

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    No waste, everything goes into the stock pot from bones to vegetable left overs

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    We love Costco for amazing deals too.

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    Great ideas!

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    Carefully buying in bulk

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    use staples like legumes, rice, quinoa, make meals in batches and freeze some

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    Catch sales and use coupons. Shop Whole Food stores and try to catch outside produce markets (if you have any in your area) and just try to go about it the best way you can without stressing yourself out…

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    I have tons of tips, the top 3 are: 1) make a menu for the week, 2)make a list for the ingredients, shop and 3) stick to your list.
    my top middle 3 are: 1) look in the supermarket flyers to help you with the menu and is always a good idea to stuck up with sale items that we use frequently. ) use the store royalty card 3)use coupons(now a days we just get them online, no need to clip them from the Sunday newspaper)
    my overall tip to save (but that looks like you have it in control) is make a budget and stick to it, that also goes along with tracking your monthly expenses. good luck Patricia

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      B J

      These are all great ideas.

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    use coupons, rebate apps, shop at grocery discount stores, and pay attention to sales with the help of online sites

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    I have recently learned the art of couponing… While I am not very good it has certainly paid off for this summer. I have cut my bill in half.

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    I also use coupons and shop for the BOGO deals at stores and discount items!

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    Great tip thank you.

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    Look for coupons either in store, online, or by subscribing in emails

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    such smart and frugal women….its great to read about all your ideas and SAVINGS!!!!

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    I shop at discount stores like grocery outlet and coupon,coupon,coupon it helps so much. Plus I use ibotta to get money back for things I but. I’ve got over $400 back on my ibotra app in just a little over 3 months plus sometimes they pay you to pick up a item so you get it for free or you get paid to pick up a free item. I’ve got a family of 8 with a tight budget and I always have a full pantry. Plus I write company’s on online and get free coupons constantly. You have to put in a little work but so so worth it.

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    We eat very little meat. Beans are such an awesome substitute and so yummy. I also meal plan and buy in bulk for pantry items.

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